Since the publication of the FD E85-052, our products and their terminology are fully evaluated.

Since years now, a set of names has been attribuated to these products regarding their origin. Some called it stepladder, picking sled or sledge, barrow scale, tripod scale or 3 feet scale, etc.

The documentation file E85-052 has permitted to bring these terms together in order to use one and only word : the abreviation E.T.H.A. (Equipement pour le Travail en Hauteur en Arboriculture in french), for « Working At Height Arboreal Equipment ».

On our website, you’ll discover our E.T.H.A. complying to the FD. They exists in several sizes from 3 to 7 steps. In order to identify easily our products, we have created the brand « MIMAX ». It gathers the names of « Michel » and « Maxime », two key players in the products’ development.