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About F.E.E.

Our company is established in the Centre-Val de Loire region, in Bourges.

We make and deliver lifting, securing, and manutention equipment. Everything you would need to access high up with E.P.J.

Takeovered in 2008 by Michel Jouannin, F.E.E. brought new products and even more better services in terms of safety.

By the end of 2016, we have integrated the E85B commission in AFNOR. This event allowed us to get closer from the applicable standards. In order to ensure the evolution of our products, we frequently interchange with our customers and the main actors of our field.

In 2017, we have created the MIMAX brand. Thanks to this brand new label, you can easily identify our products and the philosophy that goes with it : a young and dynamic team, matching with the quality of our products.

At your disposal since 1980

Since the 80's, F.E.E. made its E.T.H.A (French for "Working At Height Arboreal Equipment") evolved thanks to its customers.

Best sellers

A set of tests of our E.T.H.A has been conducted
You can find it below

Full product test

Step torsion test

Step load test

reversal stability test


Latest updates


Since the publication of the FD E85-052, our products and their terminology are fully evaluated. Since years now, a set of names has been attribuated to these products regarding their origin. Some called it stepladder, picking sled or sledge, barrow scale, tripod scale or 3 feet scale, etc.

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WHAT IS THE FD E85-052 ?

It’s at the behest of the Department of Agriculture and Food, but also of the MSA, that a working group appointed by the AFNOR in order to write a documentation file.

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